Someday I want to know the secret to be coming rich, this was a dream I have in my mind when I was a kid. Growing up in a Chinese background, my family had a textile business in the so famous “Divisoria” times. When I was 5 yrs. old my mama ask me to sell a box of scatch tape for P5.00 each, whatever we make it is our “baon”.

Right now I’m 22 yrs. old, I know the real value of money and its not easy to produce. Once in awhile I still hold on to my dream to be rich. I believe in investing my money to financial, inspirational, biblical books or materials and attending conference, training, and seminars, and talk.

I just finish reading Rich For Life by Dennis Sy.
I would recommend reading this book and for me it change the way I think about my finances. It is a good foundation not focusing on the Provision but rather the Provider.
I not a person who read much but for me I easily finish it. Finishing the book is not the end goal but a start in my journey to applying what I have learned in this book. It really moved me out of my comfort zone and really relying on Him alone.


– How to pay off your debt.
– How God can richly provide for your needs.
– How to be rich for life without trying really hard.
– How to release God’s abundant provision for you in spite of your limited income.
– How your church can move in radical generosity.
– How God’s grace can transform your financial life.Filled with stories of people who have practiced the principles shared in this book will inspire you on your own journey to becoming rich for life!!!

Rich for Life has been in Amazon’s top 100 best selling paid book in the category of Money Management and Stewardship

Many people are desperate to get rich but are clueless on how to. In this book, Pastor Dennis Sy will show you- How to take control of your money and not money take control of you.

Here are some of the kind reviews of the book:

‘Rich for Life’ is like reading a suspense thriller novel, I can’t stop. It is filled with practical ways how to handle finances, based in very very strong spiritual & Biblical foundations. One thing that adds to its readability is it is in an understandable narrative-like platform. Besides the author is a good friend with credibility in his topic!

– Prudy Verzo, lead pastor of LifeChurch Makati

I downloaded this book and started scanning the pages and a few hours later I was still reading – I couldn’t stop, had to keep going til I got to the end. the principles and truths are very practical and doable and I love that it is supported with scriptures that made it more compelling to me.

We are currently going through a financial review as a family and for the first time we are well aware of the state of our finances and are on the look out for resources that will help us stay on track. I feel that getting hold of Pastor Dennis Sy’s book is an awesome and timely blessing for us.

– Yani Angeles

A very good book by Pastor Dennis Sy. Easy to understand. Very uplifting. God loves us more than we can imagine. He gave His only Son to saves us. So why wouldn’t our heavenly Father want us to prosper?

Such wisdom, experience, and sound advice on financial issues as well as their real life stories as a testimony of God’s covenant coming to reality that makes this book stand out from the rest of the books on finances available.

I highly recommend this book and what the Word of God has to say concerning our finances. Pastor Dennis imparts life-changing truths and principles concerning our finances because God has given us power to BE Rich!

– Christian

Dennis has done a tremendous job of encouraging us in this oftentimes “tricky” area of finances. Specifically, I enjoyed the biblically well-placed references, as well as the personal accounts of his related experiences. Dennis reminded me of God’s supernatural provision for his kids and offered practical ideas for getting into agreement with our Papa. My wife has been standing by excitedly to read this and I’m sure she’ll be at least as equally blessed by it as I have been. Well done, Dennis!

– Jeff Zahorsy, author

In this book Rich For Life, author Sy speaks candidly on how his initial upbringing led him to an early path that the means of getting rich was the focal point in his life. There he found what he shares in his book that if your only goal is to become rich you can end up poor. He set an aim in this book to change your mindset about GETTING rich and know God wants you to BE rich. The Godly principles will be laid out for you regarding God’s promises to us and how we need to be good stewards of that which is entrusted to us. He declares “True riches lie not in our bank account but in our standing with God”.

– Valerie Caraotta